83% of Donations Directly Fund Mission Programs

Friends of Chimbote is committed to stretching every dollar as far as we can and our efforts are paying off. More than 28,000 people are benefiting from mission programs that ultimately focus on education as a means to transform lives and open the doors of opportunity. Mission advocacy and financial support comes from generous friends all around the world, including parishes and congregations, individuals, foundations, and service clubs, all of which have donated, time, talent, or treasure.

Friends of Chimbote is audited annually and over the last three years an average of 83% of donations have gone directly to mission programs meaning that our administrative costs are kept lower than the industry average.  This allows us to allocate as many resources as possible toward mission programs and services.

Donor Impact – We Are Called To Serve


were served at mission soup kitchens providing nutritional support for all ages.


received medical care at the Santa Ana Clinic.


averaging $414 were awarded to individuals empowering them to start or grow a business to become self supporting.

mission visitors

from around the world donated their time, treasure, and talent through mission visits to Chimbote.

aspiring students

furthered their education through the mission’s vocational training program.


living in dire poverty received new or remodeled homes.


received wellness checkups testing for normal growth and development.


students attended the summer school program enhancing their education.

shipping container

with donated medical, education, and household goods valued at $254,000 arrived in Chimbote in November.

Our Mission Relies on Your Support

Your contribution will help us transform lives.

donation hands

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