Gabby is receiving physical therapy after her surgery.

Story as Produced February 01, 2011
by: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

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This has been the hard part, weeks of painful but rewarding rehab with Sanford’s Scott Nice. It is an effort to help the charming 11-year old Peruvian girl get used to her new foot.

When we first met Gabby back in September, she arrived with a badly deformed foot. She came here to Fargo after Sanford’s Dr. Jeff Lystad met the family during a mission trip to Chimbote, Peru.

“There are three long screws in her foot here to keep in the forward position.”

This is Gabby’s foot following the surgery: A metal marvel.

“And her great toe if you recall came across like this has been brought up front and he has put a plate and screws to keep it facing forward.”

And it has allowed her to learn how to walk normally. All this time, Gabby has stayed on her own, with the Lystads in Fargo.

Mary Lystad Gabby’s Fargo Mom: “We get more out of this than she does, because she has been delightful.”

Dr. Jeff Lystad Sanford Health: “As we mentioned before school was an issue and kids making fun of her and that should be much better now, so.“

Gabby has gone to school while staying in Fargo, attended high school games, and even grown accustomed to our wind chills. All this as she prepares to rejoin her family back in Peru who is anxiously waiting to welcome their changed girl back home again.

The Lystads will be accompanying Gabby back to Peru.

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