Eleven-year-old Luke Stensgard stuffed another dollar bill into his slightly crumpled envelope. Saving a part of his allowance each week is a feat most peers his age might find difficult to do. Even more amazing is what this inspiring young man did next—he handed the envelope to his father, asking him to give it to Friends of Chimbote.

We wanted to know more about this generous young man who made his first of five trips to Chimbote when he was only five years old. We think you’ll enjoy hearing from him too.

I understand you’ve been to Chimbote more than once. Can you tell me a little bit about your experiences there?
When I got there I helped at a Kindergarten where we put in playground equipment and painted. I have some friends now that I do stuff with–Cokie and Pierro.
What did you enjoy most about Chimbote?
Going to the beach with the kids and playing soccer.
Tell me about one experience that stands out in your mind.
I climbed all the way to the top of the Church on the Hill. That was fun!
Do you speak Spanish/if not how did you communicate?
The first time I was worried a little because I didn’t speak Spanish. We would use hand gestures and we would all play soccer.
Describe the people of Chimbote in 5 or 6 words.
Happy, friendly, fun, helpful, hard workers
If you could give the people of Chimbote anything in the world, what would you give them?
A 20,000 square foot shelter to live in with a soup kitchen and clean water.
Any advice for people visiting the mission for the first time?
The food is okay, but you might want to bring some snacks!

And lastly…
What made you decide to give monetarily to the people in Chimbote?
It was the thing to do.

Luke credits fellow travelers, mom and dad—Ron and Barb Stensgard, for being strong, positive role models in his life.

A shining example for us all, we give our heartfelt thanks to Luke for giving of his time, talents, and treasures to our (and his) friends in Chimbote.

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