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Christopher Larry Flores Chavez is a student in our clothes making vocational career, thanks to a scholarship awarded him through Dollars for Scholars.

Christopher attended primary education in San Pedro followed by high school at Jose Olaya. An active young man, Christopher likes to talk, learn new things, and ask a lot of questions to never remain in doubt. He is studying clothes making, planning to teach, and eventually have a business with his own brand. He uses his skills to design and create new models and trends.

Having lost his father, 20-year-old Christopher and his family face a difficult economic situation. He helps to support his mother and sisters by weaving reeds and selling them in Chimbote. Christopher wishes to be an entrepreneur and have several shops; he dreams of exporting his wares and employing other people.

His message to other young people: “Although as young people we make mistakes and we commit a lot of errors, we can never tire of trying to be better. We always have to get up, keep fighting forward and not look back. Always persevere and don’t say we cannot achieve anything until we accomplish our objective.”

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