Ella the Doggy

MN author donates book proceeds to the Friends of Chimbote mission.


Six-year-old Ella, a fun-loving Husky, has become the star of the “Ella the Doggy” book series written by Midwest author Jayne Flaagan.

Flaagan grew up on a North Dakota farm with a furry gray and white Husky companion leaving her with many fond memories and lots of stories to share. When it was time to get a dog for her own family, there was no doubt; it had to be a Husky.

With more than 30 years of experience in elementary and early childhood education, as well as extensive expertise in writing for various publications in several different genres, Flaagan decided it was time to write a children’s book. Ella offered the perfect subject matter and the series was born. “Ella has provided so much joy and entertainment for her own family I decided to share her with other families.” says Flaagan.

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Growing up the 11th of 18 children in the family, Flaagan was no stranger to sharing space. So, visiting large families in the barrios of Chimbote, Peru was something relatable to her. When asked about her decision to give the proceeds of her book “El Día Ocupado de la Perrita” to the mission, Flaagan reflected on her experiences of the journey to Chimbote several years ago. “I remember vividly the cramped homes with mud floors, ten or eleven people living in a small space. We helped build homes made from reeds (estera) and heard stories of hardship from the families. But for many, there is a light at the end of the tunnel offered by educational opportunities. I hope my books can help provide both enjoyment and education.”

Flaagan sells her books through Amazon.com. The author will generously contribute the entire sales proceeds to Friends of Chimbote for every purchase of “El Día Ocupado de la Perrita”. To verify that you purchased the book through this organization please email Jayne at djflaagan@gra.midco.net and let her know your book purchase was through this channel. Your purchase will benefit the many individuals living in poverty in Chimbote, Peru.

Read more of Ella’s adventures by visiting www.ellathedoggy.com.


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