Another year of Passport to Peru gala celebrations has passed and what fantastic celebrations they were! Hundreds of people from all across the country—and Peru—gathered to share a meal, fellowship and show support for our mission work in Chimbote, Peru. One of our very special guests was Deana Cadenillas. She is one of Sister Peggy’s scholarship students in the legacy of education program. She first met Sister Peggy when she volunteered in the mission soup kitchens; today, she is a successful attorney who gives back by providing legal services for the mission in her spare time.

We also honored two Starfish Award recipients—Sister Juanita Albracht and Dr. Frank Pilney—for the significant impact they’ve had on the growth and success of our mission programs. Over the past 30+ years, this mission has evolved and grown into a substantive organization that has helped thousands of Chimbotanos escape poverty and build better lives for themselves and future generations. Like the starfish on the beach, it can seem overwhelming at times, but we help as many as we are able with the funds we gather through the annual galas, monthly giving, memorials and end-of-year gifts.

Doing what God has called us to do.
As the gala video song proclaimed, “we refuse to live like we don’t care, to sit around and wait for someone else to do what God has called us to do ourselves.” We are so grateful to share with you that together we raised more than $220,000 at the galas this year, plus the very generous matching gift from Randy and Julie Thorson. This will help us to continue to provide meals at our soup kitchens, medical assistance, scholarships for education, and micro-loans for entrepreneurs.

Thank You …
to everyone who attending our Passport to Peru gala celebrations and to all of you who donate your time and funds throughout the year to support the poor in Chimbote, Peru. We are grateful for your friendship, your advocacy and your generous support of the transformative work we’re dedicated to continuing to provide to the poor of Chimbote. It is a one-of-a-kind, uniting legacy that Father Jack and Sister Peggy have built for us to carry on and together, we’re making a difference, one starfish at a time.

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