VIDEO STORIES: Life In Chimbote

VIDEO STORIES: Life In Chimbote 

Words and even pictures cannot fully capture the stories and lives impacted through our Mission in Chimbote, Peru.  We are pleased to take you on a 4,000 mile journey into the mission and the lives of those forever changed by your support and compassion.

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Manuela and Cecia 

Manuela’s daughter, Cecia, severely burned her hands when she was very young. All ten of her fingers had to be amputated. Manuela was devastated and heartbroken for her daughter’s future. ACAF helped Cecia with surgery on her hands. We are now working on giving form to her hands and treating her burns  so she can write, feed herself and be independent. Manuela is so grateful to ACAF for their help because her daughter can now run, play and hold things in her hands; she has a future.

“They didn’t reject me. They opened the doors to me and my daughter…it was like a shining light.” says Manuela.


Elizabeth Chamache 

Elizabeth plans to open her very own cake shop. Although she still has a month of study left in her vocational training program, she is already selling cakes from a small stand in her neighborhood but says the business opportunity in Nuevo Chimbote is great because there is no one else offering the same service there. She promised one of our gala guests she would share the recipe for her most popular cake.


Teofilo Quezada 

Teofilo lives with his wife, Julia, and 12 other family members. In 2015, the family lost their home and most of their belongings in a tragic fire. ACAF helped them to obtain mattresses and other necessities. Teofilo is also a microloan customer. He has obtained a total of five microloans for his business in the local market. In 2016, he lost his stall to a fire in the market. ACAF extended a two-month postponement on his loan payment to allow him to rebuild his business, which he has. In fact, he has recently taken out his largest loan yet. Teofilo is a glorious role model for what the entrepreneurial spirit can accomplish.

“At 76 years old, Teofilo is going strong and his business is growing.”


Maria & Marjhory Carlin 

Maria’s daughter, Marjhory, is a quadriplegic as a result of having fluid on her brain as an infant. She needs monthly therapy and lots of medicine. ACAF helps Maria get the medications and treatments Marjhory cannot live without. Most patients like Marjhory are only expected to live until age two, but with the extraordinary love of her mother, Maria, and life-saving medicines, Marjhory is now 15 years old.


Ingrid Solsol 

Ingrid is the mother of six children. Friends of Chimbote and ACAF through a mission group built a house for her family. Every Saturday, all six children help her build concrete bird feeders and flower pots to sell at the local market. ACAF has also helped the children with education and Ingrid with vocational training. She thanks God she is not alone in her battle to escape poverty for her and her children.

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