Strength to Carry On

Strength to Carry On

My name is Maritza Isabel Arévalo Capristano, I was born on October 13, 1985 in a household with strict parents; I am currently 33 years old. At 17, I started my own family with my husband, Carlos Rojas. Our children are Jairo (11), Darly (9), and Georgy (2). My husband’s son, Bryan (19) also lives in our home.

Last year, I lost my husband in a tragic manner. I fight myself every day to keep on going and overcome the loss of him; nothing is nor will ever be like it used to be but I stay strong for my kids because I know they feel the absence of their father. Carlos was very close with the kids and was always a very patient man with them and it’s now my turn to try and fill those empty holes he left with his departure.

My family has supported me a lot in this difficult time in my life. My father currently suffers with terminal cancer, but no matter what we’re all going through we are very tight and we support each other in any way we can. ACAF has also helped me to get a lawyer to take care of my kids’ healthcare legal situation and the Working Benefit Payments my husband was due. I also have a job in the ACAF bakery which recently opened to the public. I work in the mornings while my kids study and at the end of my shift I go home and dedicate my full time to them. This job has made me feel stronger and useful that I can support my kids. I now have clearer visions for my future and my childrens’ future. I would like to study Information and Computer Science so I can make more income. Everything I do is for my kids, my biggest dream is to watch my kids become professionals and reach their goals.

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