IMG_2253Devastating rains occurred in Chimbote on Saturday, March 16th.  Hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed bringing devastation to men, women, and children already living in extreme poverty.

The relentless rain that fell in Chimbote caused the estera (woven reed) roofs on the homes of the poor, to buckle and cave in.  Water poured into the homes, destroying beds, furniture and numerous other goods. Much of the rain occurred during the night and the hundreds of families without electricity struggled in the dark to save what they could. The dirt floors turned into deep murky mud and within days the estera walls will begin to rot and cave in.  The standing water is mixing with sewage creating health hazards.

Hundreds of homes will require repair costing several thousand dollars. On average, it costs $1400 to repair even one estera home and hundreds of dollars are needed to provide mattresses and the other important basic needs that all humans need to survive.

Friends of Chimbote is seeking immediate financial assistance for those affected by the rains.

  • Financial contributions are needed NOW. To donate on-line click donate button in upper right portion of the site or click here.  In the optional section note “Chimbote Flood Relief”
  • To donate by mail send your check payable to”Friends of Chimbote, PO Box 717, West Fargo,ND, 58078″ noting that your gift is for “Chimbote Flood Relief.”
  • Call us with your credit or debit card information to make an immediate contribution:  Office 701-364-0162
  • Help us spread the word of the urgent need for donations by emailing this story url or by sharing our facebook story about this on your own page.
  • Please pray for the hundreds in Chimbote who at this very moment do not have roofs over their heads, a bed to sleep in, or dry clothing to wear.

At this time we do not need volunteers to travel to Chimbote to help.

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