The Garden Project

Earlier this year in Chimbote, ACAF began a new program for individuals living in the barrios.  The Garden Project offers residents a chance to aesthetically improve their environment and grow food to feed their families.

Developing the plan

ACAF worked hard to develop a plan that would work for individuals and families living in poverty. Knowing resources are limited and the area is arid, part of the plan involves supplementing the cost of watering the gardens.

The rules are simple; each plot needs to contain flowers, vegetables, and/or fruit. The gardens must be tended to regularly and participants are trained in caring for the plants.

Pride and Progress

In the beginning families were hesitant to commit to the program. But as ACAF began to educate the community on the benefits of having a greener environment and the ability to produce their own food, more and more participants joined in. Today more than 40 families are taking part in the project and little plots of green are popping up in the neighborhoods.

Pride among the gardeners is evident as a friendly competition to see who has the best garden is taking place.

ACAF is excited about the progress that has been made since February and executive director, Jorge Villar, states, “With this idea we hope to see more green in our community and pride and health in our people.”

Our Mission Relies on Your Support

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