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A mission visit will transform your life.

While the quest of the Friends of Chimbote organization is to empower the poor of Chimbote to transform their lives, it is virtually impossible for anyone visiting our mission to not become affected themselves.

Visitors often return home repeating these sentiments…

  • We’ll never forget the people we met, both those who live in the barrios of Chimbote and those who help them every day.
  • We were touched to the core by the boundless faith, complete joy and abiding hope we witnessed among the poor.
  • This visit changed my life.

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Family hugs

Our Philosophy

Based upon the premise that charitable support without active participation from the program recipients will lead to dependence rather than independence, we ask all mission visitors to support these principles:


  • First – listen to the poor and learn what they have identified as their needs to help themselves overcome poverty. Recognize that your priorities may differ greatly from theirs.
  • Observe the mission staff members who work with the program recipients every day who know best the needs of the people they serve. Seek their advice before offering help to people you meet to avoid misunderstanding and charity that may inadvertently hinder rather than help.
  • Be aware of your own desire to quickly fix situations and instead recognize that sustainable change takes time and dedicated investment from the local community.
  • Encourage and welcome participation from the families that you serve. Work side by side with the local people and embrace  their talents, skills, and abilities.
  • Respect the cultural differences and have an open mind; embrace the many beautiful lessons to be learned from the local people.
  • Have fun; play with the children, practice your Spanish and share hugs, tears, and laughter. You will leave the mission with warm memories that will far outweigh the material goods that you arrived with.

Family hugs

Mission Visit Experience

In addition to witnessing and learning about poverty and the programs in place to alleviate it, your mission visit experience may include a number of opportunities and activities. Some projects–repairing or constructing homes, delivering gas stoves or beds, or providing other specific goods–will require fundraising on your part prior to your visit. Others, such as assisting the mission staff in the daycare centers or soup kitchens or visiting homes with our social workers do not require fundraising, just an open mind and a willing heart. Whether you choose to commit to a long-term volunteer position or organize a short-term mission trip for your parish, school, service group, or friends and family, we welcome you into our circle of friendship and promise you will experience a journey like no other. In our commitment to make your visit as impactful as possible, pre- and post-trip guidance is provided by our staff in the United States and in Peru.

Visitor's common area

Visitor Quarters

Our visitor quarters are housed within the safe and enclosed compound of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish. Dormitories are bright and cheerful with comfortable beds, lockers for securing passports and other items, and clean bathrooms with modern conveniences. There is a large gathering space that offers dining facilities, seating space, and room for group meetings and reflections.  The patio area is a sun-filled space perfect for conversation and fellowship. The roof-top terrace offers one of the best locations at the mission to cheer on local soccer games and to view the city of Chimbote and near-by mountains. We recognize that it is important for our visitors to stay in touch with home so limited Wi-Fi access is available in our mission quarters.

Mission Visit Support Team

Friends of Chimbote, in coordination with our staff in Chimbote, has established an experienced mission visit team to oversee all visiting groups and volunteers. This amazing group of ambassadors will ensure that your mission experience is one that transforms not only the lives of the poor, but yours as well.  With proper planning, an exciting and rewarding trip will be assured.

Claudia and Katie

Mission Visit Team Contact Information

Friends of Chimbote Team Coordinator


Get Started With Our Mission Visit Toolkit

Whether you are a member of a mission trip group, a group leader, or applying for a long-term volunteer position, planning for your experience can seem overwhelming at first glance. Our Mission Visit Toolkit will equip you with valuable information when preparing for the journey and while in Chimbote.

Included in the toolkit

  • Mission Visit Handbook – A required read for all mission visitors and volunteers.
  • Mission Group Application – To be completed by all groups who wish to make a short-term mission visit.
  • Volunteer Application – To be completed by individuals who wish to volunteer for a minimum of 6 weeks or more.
  • Group Leader Checklist
  • Group Leader – Member Information Form
  • Mission Projects and Activities

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